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Meet Joy

J Ballard LLC,  is a tried and true seasoned Image & Styling Consulting firm located in the Washington Metropolitan Area. We are disciplined and dedicated in providing unrivaled excellent service with a singular purpose of customer satisfaction. We achieve our brand promise through service, and being a fashion authority. We are committed to quality, value, and selection.


Our modus operandi is to listen, hear, assess your needs, situation and do everything within our power to define and deliver your unique Personal Style Brand to boost confidence. We are fully committed to bringing credibility to your life. Thus after our work is done, you’re able to withstand critics and courageously defend your unique personal style, image and influence.  


Our methods not only make you feel good and look your best, but provides resourceful tools to transcend different stages of both your life age and lifestyle change.


Styling the amazing you with focus, intentional determination, authority and confidence! Let’s get started.

Kind Words

Joy has been a lifesaver. I constantly travel for work, where I have unexpected board meetings and presentations. Each setting requires the perfect selection. Whether she has two weeks or two days, the recommendations are always excellent and flattering. She has often sent new suits and wardrobe additions to my hotel when my trip has been extended, or I learn that part of the meeting will be at the beach rather than an office! I would be remiss if I did not mention how meticulously detailed Joy is about fit. Whether it is a pinch here, a tuck there, extra length, or shortening of a hem, Joy’s scrutinizing eye ensures that the fit is perfect and accentuates my best features.


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