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Styling Etiquette 

A comprehensive initial 4 hr profile evaluation session. Geared to provide a clear definitive knowledge about basic styling. The program provides you with enough personalized instruction to create your personal Unique Style Brand (USB), that transcends lifestyle changes. Enabling you to adapt authentic clothing classifications suitable for your body type and lifestyle. At the end you’ll be able to look stylish, empowered, enhance and boost your confidence.

  • A step by step guide to develop a personal Unique Style Brand (USB)

  • Comprehensive style analysis based on your lifestyle - fit & color

  • Implementation of acquired information to adapt for your signature looks

The Apple Shape


  • Shoulders are broader than your hips

  • No defined waistline but overall well-proportioned 

  • Not necessarily as curvy through your hip


Style Tips: 

  • Silhouettes to compliment and play up your full bust, great legs and/or arms

The Pear Shape


  • Waist is wider than bust | Fuller hips and butt

  • Narrow shoulders compared to your hips

  • Hip Measurement is 5% more than your shoulders

Style Tips:

  • Silhouettes that elongates your body 

The Full Hour Glass


  • Shoulders and hip measurements are even

  • Well-defined waistline

  • A rounded bottom, hip and thighs

  • Waist is at least 25% smaller than your shoulders

Style Tips: 

  • Structured and tailored silhouettes are perfect for Frame

The Inverted Triangle Shape


  • Top-heavy | A definitive waistline

  • Shoulders/Bust are larger than hips | Great legs

  • Bottom half is smaller than upper half

  • Shoulders measured 5% bigger than your hips

Style Tips: 

  • Silhouettes should draw attention to your bottom half, define your waist

  • Garment to skim shoulders and not add volume

The Rectangle Shape


  • Hips and Shoulders have the same width

  • You do not have curves

  • Bust is small and you have a flat bottom

  • Busts and hips measurements are 5% off each other

  • Waist is less than 25% smaller than shoulders

Style Tips: 

  • Silhouettes, to create curves (by defining the waistline and exaggerating either the bottom or top half to create curves 

  • Key elements is to add dimensions to both your body/figure ( adding to both your upper and lower bottom and deducting from your waist

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